Emerging from the Workshop Fever

I’m back from the recently concluded UP National Writer’s Workshop. I’m still wobbly, forgive me. It was a great time of inspiration and being among fellow compatriots in war, and also terribly humbling. I haven’t really had enough distance from the experience to fully grasp the thoughts in my head, so I’ll have to percolate for a few more weeks, I think.

Meanwhile, here’s the poetics I shared for my work in progress aka The Dreaded Second Novel.

And some pictures, because I’m vain like that.

[The lovely Baguio weather was so invigorating. Made me terribly sad to be back in the frying-pan hotness of Manila.]


Women writers Unite: L-R, Che (Fiction in Filipino), Pat (Children’s Poetry in English), Noreen (Fiction in Filipino), Anna (Essay in English), and Me (Useless Muse).


Graduation pic with UP Likhaan Institute of Creative Writing Director Rolando Tolentino and 57th UP National Writers Workshop Director Vlad Gonzalez

explain yourself

Explaining my poetics in a haze of nervousness, fear, and self-consciousness

meeting bencab

We were personally welcomed into his museum by National Artist for Visual Arts Ben Cabrera. Crying and fangirling at the same time.


My crazy-talented co-fellows and panelists.

clapping with RT

That’s a wrap!

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